Increase your sales
by placing data in the
hands of sales reps

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  • Increase physical store sales by using WhatsApp to send personalized messages to each customer.
  • Make your team active, predictive, and reduce idleness in the physical store rather than waiting for the customer to enter the store to sell.
  • On a daily basis, salespeople receive a list of contact opportunities and have access to complete customer data.


The data integrated in Oto generate activities and messages for the sales team to trigger each customer.
  • Lifecycle contact suggestions
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Sales by chat-commerce
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Daily contact suggestions based on pre-defined marketing campaigns or artificial intelligence.

Through targeted campaigns, the sales team receives contact suggestions for each stage of the customer's life cycle.

Some examples include birthdays, abandoned carts, and the arrival of long-awaited products.

Provide your salesperson with a digital sales and service tool that allows for personalized, humanized, and automated contact via WhatsApp and SMS.


Put your customers' information in the hands of your sales team.
  • Consumer profile data
  • Classification of personas and RFV
  • History of interactions with sales reps
  • Online and offline purchase history
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Give salespeople access to all consumer interactions with the brand, including sizes, preferences, loyalty points, favorite categories, and more.

The contact list is organized by personas, which are further subdivided by brand and RFV segment.

As a result, the sales rep can provide VIP customers with personalized service.

Previous customer interactions, including those with other sales reps, are recorded for future reference.

Previous customer interactions, including those with other sales reps, are recorded for future reference.

Brand Strategy

The sales rep is the primary contact point for customers and must be included in the overall strategy, working together with the marketing and digital sectors.
  • History and status of NPS metrics
  • Loyalty program status
  • Open platform for third-party widgets
  • Store sales integrated with e-commerce
  • Goals & Gamification
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If the customer is a promoter or detractor, the sales team can adjust its approach. In addition to being able to cross-reference the sales rep's impact with the NPS of the clients assisted.

Give sales reps visibility of the customer loyalty tier and accumulated points. Provide personalized service while taking a holistic view of the consumer-brand relationship.

Various integrations bring data and resources from other platforms used by the brand into the app, allowing the sales rep to access them without leaving the app.

By generating a QR Code, the sales rep makes a sale in e-commerce and has the conversion attributed to them.

Your sales team will no longer lose sales in-store due to a lack of product or e-commerce pricing conditions.

Create and track targets that contribute to the overall sales funnel of the brand. Sales reps earn points for achieving their objectives and can track their progress in the app.

Brands that are empowering
sales reps as part of the
omnichannel transformation.

Marcas que estão empoderando vendedores na transformação omnichannel.

Cia Maritima
Novo Mundo
Casa e Video
New Bijoux
Do you want to boost physical store sales Do you want to boost physical store sales


Talk to sales

Oto is a fundamental piece to connect online and offline strategies. We enable all the offline sales force to strengthen the customer experience on physical stores as also impulse the relationship with the customers to make them buy online too.

Mariana Pannuti

Head of CRM, Lojas Renner