Become customer-centric:
include stores and sales reps
in your strategy

Talk to sales
  • Automate the integration of marketing strategies across all channels, including the sales rep.
  • Use omnichannel behavior and interaction metrics to segment your customer base.
  • Increase physical store sales by developing automated, personalized chat commerce strategies.

Data Intelligence

Expand your understanding of your consumer in the O2O context. Examine the sales rep's and the store's impact on the brand ecosystem.
  • Analytical view of the consumer base
  • Digital channel performance dashboards
  • Capture identified online behavior
  • Omnichannel media attribution
  • CRM analytical view of store performance
  • CRM analytical view of product sales
  • Omnichannel revenue view
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View an X-ray of the base to learn about the frequency and timeliness of your customers' purchases. In addition to demographic data such as age and location, sales distribution between physical stores and e-commerce, and other factors.

Track brand performance holistically, taking into account all sales channels.

Capture website activity, products browsed and abandoned, average ticket and most recent purchases. Identify customers and use this information to improve their profile in the database.

Learn which channels perform best and where the revenue from media investments is going. Understand the impact of your digital investment on in-store sales.

Keep track of revenue and conversion data from various stores, customer profiles, and media placement. Compare the performance and features of various branded stores.

Understand the product lifecycle, as well as sales and price variations. Discover which demographics buy a specific product: segment, average ticket, location, age, and so on.

Understand your revenue distribution and the percentage of omnichannel revenue. Gain access to the impact of your digital investment on physical store sales as well.


Use omnichannel behavior and interaction metrics to segment your customer base.
  • Cluster and persona creation and analysis
  • Segment and manage contacts
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Create personas using data from behavior, interaction, purchase history, NPS, churn, and other sources. Follow the evolution of personas and take appropriate actions.

Make a list of people to target based on their profile criteria and purchasing habits. These lists can be analyzed and exported.

Export and

Export data to activate your customers on your preferred app and platforms. Oto integrates with the market's leading media and marketing clouds.
  • Audience activation in Marketing Clouds
  • Audiences can be exported to paid media channels
  • Export of raw data
  • Orchestration of direct channels including the sales rep
  • Message Templates for Sales rep
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Create targeted customer audiences and export to the market's leading Marketing Clouds, such as Responsys, Salesforce, All in, among others.

Export your audiences to media platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, among others. Create scheduled automatic exports with configurable update intervals.

Use your data however you see fit. All system data can be exported in CSV format for further study and analysis.

Include Oto as an actor in the orchestration of campaigns in your Marketing Cloud, transforming CRM strategy into salespeople action.

Create message templates that adhere to the brand's communication and tone of voice for the store team to use. Personalize messages, using customer information.

Brands that are empowering
sales reps as part of the
omnichannel transformation.

Marcas que estão empoderando vendedores na transformação omnichannel.

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